North Texas Xpress Bus Service Schedule

Trinity Metro and the Denton County Transit Authority (DCTA), has a bus service that connects Fort Worth and Denton with stops in Alliance.

If you have ever needed a convenient, reliable way to travel between Fort Worth, Alliance, and Denton, the NTX makes round trips daily between approximately 5:15 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

From Downtown Fort Worth to Alliance and Denton

Route #Intermodal Transportation Center6th & ThrockmortonNorth Park & RideAlliance Heritage Pkwy & Horizon DriveDenton – Texas Health Presbyterian Park & Ride
635:15 AM5:20 AM6:15 AM6:00 AM
636:05 AM6:10 AM7:00 AM6:50 AM
646:15 AM6:20 AM6:50 AM7:00 AM7:39 AM
636:55 AM7:00 AM7:50 AM7:40 AM
647:45 AM7:50 AM8:20 AM8:30 AM9:09 AM
649:15 AM9:20 AM9:50 AM10:00 AM10:39 AM
6410:45 AM10:50 AM11:20 AM11:30 AM12:09 PM
6412:45 PM12:50 PM1:20 PM1:30 PM2:09 PM
642:15 PM2:20 PM2:50 PM3:00 PM3:39 PM
643:45 PM3:50 PM4:20 PM4:30 PM5:09 PM
634:15 PM4:20 PM5:00 PM5:10 PM
645:15 PM5:20 PM5:50 PM6:00 PM6:39 PM
636:15 PM6:20 PM6:55 PM7:05 PM
646:45 PM6:50 PM7:20 PM7:30 PM8:09 PM
648:15 PM8:20 PM8:50 PM9:00 PM9:39 PM

From Denton and Alliance to Downtown Fort Worth

Route #Denton – Texas Health Presbyterian
Park & Ride
Alliance Heritage Pkwy & Horizon DriveNorth Park & RideIntermodal Transportation Center
636:00 AM6:15 AM6:50 AM
636:50 AM7:00 AM7:40 AM
646:15 AM6:57 AM7:07 AM7:45 AM
637:40 AM7:50 AM8:30 AM
647:45 AM8:27 AM8:37 AM9:15 AM
649:15 AM9:57 AM10:07 AM10:45 AM
6410:45 AM11:27 AM11:37 AM12:15 PM
6412:15 PM12:57 PM1:07 PM1:45 PM
642:15 PM2:57 PM3:07 PM3:45 PM
643:45 PM4:27 PM4:37 PM5:15 PM
635:10 PM5:00 PM5:50 PM
645:15 PM5:57 PM6:07 PM6:45 PM
637:05 PM6:55 PM7:45 PM
646:45 PM7:27 PM7:37 PM8:15 PM
648:15 PM8:57 PM9:07 PM9:45 PM

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