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Dallas-Fort Worth Advertising’s Best Kept Secret

Bus and Bench Advertising through Trinity Metro and partner Adsposure make an impact and make a difference.

When many people think of bus advertising, they think big; famous comedians, popular beverages, national tv commercial tie-ins, etc. But in reality, transit advertising is a unique and powerful way for small businesses and local advertisers to get their messages out and has a variety of options to fit a wide variety of advertising needs.

Break through the advertising clutter and build awareness.

It is believed most Americans experience over 4,000 ads per day, and as many 10,000 ads per day depending on their media habits, and location and Dallas-Fort Worth is no exception. Small businesses, marketing professionals, and agencies all need to consider transit advertising in Fort Worth, since it breaks away from the pack how it is recognized by the population.

Transit advertising offers something more direct than a banner ad, social media boost, radio play, or local tv spot. Bus advertising is like a mobile billboard. But instead of being static inventory in the sky while people travel down the highway, you can get in front of people next to their vehicle, commuters and pedestrians that have to acknowledge and recognize each passing bus, and uniquely the entire service area, since the buses travel across the market.

The right solution for any size business

Bus interior cards that target travelers, bus full wraps that make a big splash across the market-specific bench ads that cause last-minute decisions.  You can find the right option with Trinity Metro and Adsposure.

Trinity Metro Bench Ads

What Bench Ads Offer in Fort Worth

Bench ads are popular for restaurants, salons, spas, legal services, real estate, gyms, and other location-based entities. It works because these businesses select benches in key locations to drive in-store traffic through proper timing. Pedestrians looking for a food option or making plans for somewhere to stop after work on the way home.

They can also be affordable options to build long-term brand awareness, when on a number of benches for a prolonged period of time.

What Bus Advertising Offers in Fort Worth

Bus Advertising offers some unique opportunities to consider complimenting your existing campaigns. Organizations like those in higher education, HVAC services, legal, accounting, tourism, events, gravitate towards bus advertising because it moves. This means that these moving billboards make your statement time and time again, but not only to the select group of people that frequent the same area or habits.

Trinity Metro bus advertising

Advertising dollars that go back into the community

One aspect of transit advertising with Trinity Metro that makes it stand apart from other options is that a large portion of the advertising cost goes back to the community. Instead of sending Dallas-Fort Worth dollars to Silicon Valley or New York, a large part of the advertising cost goes directly to Trinity Metro to offset costs and support Trinity Metro’s public transportation efforts.

Transit Advertising. Trinity Metro blog.
The circle of impact of transit advertising shows how when local businesses invest in transit advertising, it can lead to growth that comes full circle. Where do your advertising dollars go?

A partnership you can rely on

In the last few years, Trinity Metro has partnered with Adsposure to provide effective advertising solutions to advertisers looking to make an impact. Adsposure provides design, printing, installation, and advertising consultation services to those looking to use buses and benches to get their message out.

Not sure what would work best? Or want to know how the costs compare to other campaigns? Reach out to Adsposure and they will work with you to identify if there are any ideal options and how they could fit in your current marketing plan.

Want to learn more about Transit Advertising in Fort Worth?

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