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FAQs: A Better Connection Final Plan

Trinity Metro Blog. A Better Connection Frequently Asked Questions

Trinity Metro is redesigning its bus network to create A Better Connection. After getting public input on our current bus network, our team developed three different system alternatives. These three alternatives were presented to our riders and strategic partners. Based on their feedback, we refined the three alternatives into a single draft network plan. We are currently holding online public meetings to present the network changes and get the public’s input on the final plan. Below are some common questions we have received regarding our final draft plan.

RIDER QUESTION: Is there a version of the current draft of the redesign available to review ahead of the meeting time?

Yes, the final draft plan including routes, frequencies and spans of service is for review on our website. Please visit for review.

RIDER QUESTION: The event description states that your team developed “the final plan” —so is this only a presentation of the final plan or are you expecting to iterate further based on feedback?

During our online public meetings, we will present the proposed final plan for our system redesign. At this time, we will also collect feedback from our riders and further refine our draft plan. To view our schedule of online public meetings, please click here.