Feb. 26 – Mar. 11 Events Calendar

Trinity Metro Blog Events Calendar


Cliburn Festival: Beethoven at 250

| Feb. 27 – Mar. 1

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

| Feb. 29 – Mar. 1

Casa Mañana Theatre

Celebrate the 250th birthday of one of the world’s greatest composers. The Cliburn Festival will showcase the remarkable works of Beethoven. To get to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, ride The Dash to Lancaster and Van Cliburn.



The beloved characters of Tuna, the “third smallest town in Texas,” return to the stage of Casa Mañana. This time Arles and Bertha are heading to Vegas to renew their wedding vows. To get to Casa Mañana Theatre, ride bus route 7 to University and Lancaster.





Butterflies in the Garden

| Feb. 29 – Apr. 12

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Fort Worth Show of Antiques, Art and Jewelry

| Mar. 6 – 8

Will Rogers Memorial Center

Experience the largest exhibit of live, exotic butterflies in north-central Texas at the recently restored Fort Worth Botanic Garden. To get to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, take bus route 7 to University and Botanic Gardens.



The Fort Worth Show of Antiques, Art and Jewelry combines 150 premier exhibitors that will feature a selection of antiques, art, and jewelry. To get to Will Rogers Memorial Center, ride The Dash to Gendy and Lansford.





The Petersen Band

| Feb. 28

Palace Theatre


AKS Gem Show

| Feb. 28 – Mar. 1

Grapevine Convention Center

The award-winning bluegrass band will take over the Palace Theatre. Audiences will be entertained as the band performs bluegrass standards, gospel favorites and their sibling humor on stage. To get to the Palace Theatre, ride TEXRail to Grapevine/Main Street Station.



The AKS Gem Show is a wholesale show open to the public that features jewelry, beads, beading supplies, gemstones, and more. To get to the Grapevine Convention Center, ride TEXRail to Grapevine/Main Street Station and connect with the Grapevine Visitor’s Shuttle.