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Transit 101: A Better Connection

Transit 101 A Better Connection. Trinity Metro Blog.

Trinity Metro recently launched A Better Connection. You might wonder what is A Better Connection? This is the name that we have chosen for our bus system redesign. We are currently designing a modern, transformative bus network to create A Better Connection! To make real improvements, we are reconsidering the entire network. This means we will be looking at adding services, examining single routes, service times, locations and destinations in our growing city. 

What is the project timeline?

  • January – July 2020: We analyzed and documented Trinity Metro’s current transit network. To view the existing conditions report, click here.
  • July – September 2020: We will define the goals of this project.
  • September – November 2020: We will develop system alternatives.
  • November 2020 – February 2021: We will draft a plan for the system redesign.
  • March 2021: We will share our final plan.
  • Fall 2021: We will implement all route changes.

What are the key areas involved in the system redesign?

There are five key trade-offs that we need customers to consider when providing their feedback about A Better Connection: System Priorities, Waiting or Walking? Local Level Service. Downtown or Other Destinations? Peak or Off-Peak? We need you to weigh in on these trade-offs and let us know what are the best options for you and your community. Let’s take a look at each trade-off.

System Priorities

This trade-off is about the priorities for new bus network investments. There are different options in this trade-off: amenities, routes, or service.


A Better Connection System Priorities Infographic. Trinity Metro Blog.

Waiting or Walking?

This trade-off is about the balance between bus stop spacing, bus speed and walking distance for passengers. There are two options in this trade-off.


A Better Connection Waiting or Walking Infographic. Trinity Metro Blog.

Local Service

This trade-off is about service in neighborhoods far away from a main street corridor that are not served by high-frequency buses. There are two options in this trade-off.

A Better Connection Local Service Infographic. Trinity Metro Blog.

Downtown or Other Destinations?

This trade-off is about how the system should be laid out. There are two options in this trade-off.


A Better Connection. Downtown or Other Destinations Infographic. Trinity Metro Blog.

Peak or Off Peak?

This trade-off is about service schedules. We have two options in this trade-off.


A Better Connection. Peak or Off Peak Infographic. Trinity Metro Blog.

We have also created five fact sheets to provide you with more information. To view these fact sheets, click here.

How can I participate?

  • Click here to learn more about this initiative.

  • Take the online survey. To take the survey now, click here.

  • Talk with an ENVOY team member who will be conducting surveys on board buses.

  • Visit Fort Worth Central Station to fill out a comment card and drop it in the designated box.

  • Tune in for a Facebook Live discussion. To view the online public meeting schedule, click here. You can also view the recording of our first online public meeting below.