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Women in Transportation: Malorie Sarsgard

March is Women’s History Month. Throughout this month we will be featuring the stories of some of the exceptional women from Trinity Metro and our community.

Trinity Metro Blog. Women in Transportation. Malorie SarsgardMEET MALORIE SARSGARD

Malorie is the Business Development and Community Outreach Manager at Trinity Metro. She oversees our EASYRIDE and Transit 101 programs. Before joining the Trinity Metro family, Malorie was the Marketing Manager at Fort Worth Bike Sharing. What Malorie loves the most about working in the transportation industry is that no one day is the same. We sat for a Q&A with Malorie where she talked to us about her experience working in the transportation industry.


Q: What is it like to work in the transportation industry? 

A: “I began my journey in the transportation industry 5 years ago when I accepted the role of Marketing Manager for Fort Worth Bike Sharing. My time with bike-sharing was exciting and tumultuous at the same time as the industry was rapidly changing and it seemed like new industry “disrupters” were introduced every other day (i.e. the scooter craze).  

The always-evolving environment that the transportation industry provides is what I love about it. No one day is the same and there are always new technologies and innovations to learn, which keeps things interesting. 

My favorite part about working in transportation in Fort Worth is getting to be involved with the city’s change and growth. I have called Fort Worth home for over 20 years and have loved getting to see the city evolve. Fort Worth’s transportation network is an integral part in attracting businesses and residents to the city and I am lucky to be a part of that!”


Q: What has been your secret to overcoming challenges in your career?

“I am a life-long learner and have a very curious nature, so when challenges arise, I rely on these parts of me. I research, talk to peers, survey etc. to get as much information as possible about a topic. Knowledge is power!”


Q: What are your words of wisdom for other women wanting to follow in your footsteps? 

A: “Ask for feedback, always take on new challenges, be open to learning new skills, have confidence and do not be afraid to ask for help!”


Q: How have you balanced career aspirations and family goals?  

A: “I have always tried to be present for work when I am at work and present for my friends and family when I am spending time with them.  

I am also a big believer in making sure I take care of myself and that I make time for things I enjoy, besides work. If I feel overwhelmed, I try my best to recognize it and prioritize giving myself a break. If I do not take care of myself, I am not going to be as good as I can be at work or in my personal life.”


Q: Who is a woman that inspires you and why? 

A: “As cliché as it may seem, my mom has always been my biggest inspiration. She has dedicated her whole career to teaching others and the amount of time, patience and passion she has poured into it has certainly set the bar for me. She always says, “It’s not a career for me, it’s a vocation.”  

Growing up, she always made balancing her career and family seem effortless, even though I know it was far from it. She is the most dedicated professional I know and has set a wonderful example for me and I will always be grateful for that.”

Malorie is one of the many wonderful women who work at Trinity Metro. If you would like to hear their stories, please visit Happy Women’s History Month!