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Know Before You Go

If you’re heading to the airport, there’s no better way to save money, be on time, and skip the tolls. TEXRail is the most efficient and economical way to get to the airport, so ask someone to drop you off at the nearest station or take advantage of our new long-term paid parking at participating stations. At only $5/night, you can be sure you’re spending less on parking and more on your vacation.

For commuters and day trippers, we offer free parking at all stations except for Fort Worth Central Station and DFW Airport’s Terminal B. The maximum length of parking at the other seven stations is 20 hours to accommodate long shifts and overnight shifts. Anyone who leaves their vehicle for longer than 20 hours and has not paid for long-term parking risks having their vehicle towed. The stations are monitored by security personnel and cameras.

If you’re looking for station addresses, you can find them on Google or on the TEXRail map page.

When you’re on the go – and you gotta go – it’s good to know the important how-to information for using the TEXRail bathroom. From the outside, a green button means the bathroom is available; red means it’s occupied. When you’re in the bathroom, the green light means the door is unlocked. If the light is red, the door is locked.

Service dogs accompanying customers with disabilities or their trainers are permitted on TEXRail. Passengers may also bring a small pet in a travel carrier.

If you’re bringing any food or drink on the train, be sure all consumables are in sealed containers. We want everyone to have a clean and enjoyable train ride.

Long-Term Parking at TEXRail Stations

Customers will not be reserving a specific numbered space, but can use any one of the numbered spaces. The oversell or duplicate sales are prevented by the capacity. For example, if the lot has 20 spaces available, the website will only sell 20 on any given timeframe and show a sold-out message if the 21st customer attempts to purchase. Should you encounter an issue with your reservation, please contact ACE Parking at 214-748-5535.

Security personnel monitors all TEXRail parking lots. However, Trinity Metro does not assume liability for personal vehicles.

Customers will be able to make reservations and payments on the ACE Parking app for Apple or GooglePlay.

Customers will not be reserving a specific numbered space, but can use any one of the numbered spaces. The oversell or duplicate sales are prevented by the capacity. For example, if the lot has 20 spaces available, the app will only sell 20 on any given timeframe and show a sold-out message if the 21st customer attempts to purchase.

TEXRail Stations that provide designated paid long-term parking spots are Fort Worth T&P Station, North Side Station, Mercantile Center Station, North Richland Hills/Iron Horse Station and North Richland Hills/Smithfield Station.

ACE representatives will be monitoring along with their software. They will record license plates and write citations if anyone stays longer than 20 hours without paying for it.

Security monitors the lots and the intent is to provide a designated area for long-term customers.

There is an average of 20 spots per station for long-term parking. We will evaluate usage and determine if more spots may be needed.

No, but customers will be charged through the app daily. Customers will purchase the number of days they need in advance.  If they are delayed or need to extend, they can do so via the app if the total number of spaces are not oversold.  If this becomes an issue, we can increase capacity. Even if someone bought parking and parked outside of the spaces set aside, ACE can verify their payment by the license plate number.

No, riders who park for less than 20 hours are not required to pay the daily rate.

Yes, you can use the app to purchase additional days.

Yes, there will be signs directing riders to the designated spots.

Riders parking for longer than 20 hours are required to pay for long-term parking.


The TEXRail plan divides the commuter rail route into two segments. Segment 2 was completed first, with 27 miles of the route running from downtown Fort Worth to DFW Airport’s Terminal B. Segment 1 would run from the Fort Worth T&P Station to southwest Fort Worth. Completion of the extension is contingent upon capital funding.

Upon arrival at the DFW Airport Terminal B station, passengers make their way inside Terminal B, via entry B30, where American Airlines passengers can check their bags. American Airlines passengers, along with those without checked baggage, can then pass through security and ride Skylink to their departure terminal. All other passengers can use Terminal Link to travel to their departure terminal. Terminal Link buses can be accessed on the upper level of Terminal B in marked areas. Terminal A is a short walk from TEXRail’s Terminal B station on the lower level, which offers the same services for all passengers. For more information, consult the DFW Airport website. Arriving passengers should go to Terminal B and exit at B30 to access TEXRail.

  • TEXRail’s route is entirely in Tarrant County, so the ticket is only $2.50 for a single ride or $5 for day pass. The $5 option is good for all rail and bus services in Tarrant County. Check our ticket information page for all pricing, including reduced tickets. Patrons can purchase tickets at the ticket vending machines on the platforms or at the kiosk at Fort Worth Central Station. A one-day pass can be purchased on the GoPass app. Weekly and monthly passes can be purchased through the online Trinity Metro Store.
  • Yes. TEXRail operates on the same schedule 365 days a year.
  • TEXRail trains run every 30 minutes during peak travel periods. During non-peak service, TEXRail runs hourly. The schedule is the same on weekdays, holidays and weekends.
  • The stations are in Fort Worth, North Richland Hills and Grapevine. You can find the full route map here. A list of addresses is available on the second page of the TEXRail facts.
  • You can purchase tickets at the vending machine on the platform or in advance at a customer service location, such as the kiosk at the Fort Worth Central Station. Tickets are $2.50 one way or $5 for an all-day ticket. Round-trip/all-day tickets can be purchased on the GoPass app. If you run short on time, you can buy your ticket on the train, but it will cost twice as much – $5 for a one-way ride.
  • Food and beverages must be in sealed containers and cannot be consumed on board the train.
  • From Fort Worth T&P Station: 53 minutes
  • From Fort Worth Central Station: 49 minutes
  • From North Side Station: 41 minutes
  • From Mercantile Center Station: 35 minutes
  • From North Richland Hills/Iron Horse Station: 29 minutes
  • From North Richland Hills/Smithfield Station: 24 minutes
  • From Grapevine/Main Street Station: 10 minutes
  • From DFW Airport North Station: 6 minutes
  • No. TEXRail operates 365 days a year on the same schedule.

Yes, we encourage riders to bring their bikes on board. We have vertical bike racks inside the train to securely stow your bike while you’re riding TEXRail.

  • The quiet car is the first car on the front of the train. Because of the train’s bidirectional design, the quiet car could be the last car on the train. It just depends which direction the train is traveling. Look for the quiet car decals to make sure you are in the correct location. The quiet car designation gives passengers the opportunity to sit in an area where they can read or work quietly – or just relax.


TEXRail is Trinity Metro’s 27-mile commuter rail line that extends from downtown Fort Worth through North Fort Worth, North Richland Hills and Grapevine to the northern entrance of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, ending at Terminal B.

Passengers on this line can transfer to the TRE in downtown Fort Worth. The two commuter rail lines will have two common stations in downtown Fort Worth: Fort Worth Central Station and Fort Worth T&P Station.

The Mahaffey Maintenance Facility (MMF) is the site of TEXRail vehicle maintenance. It was constructed off of the TEXRail track near the intersection of Sylvania Avenue and Long Avenue in Fort Worth.

Send correspondence to Attn: Trinity Metro TEXRail, 801 Grove Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102, or call 817-215-8600.