Transit 101

Have you ever wanted to ride a Trinity Metro bus or the TRE train system but weren’t sure where to start? Trinity Metro’s award-winning Transit 101 takes the mystery out of riding the bus and train.

At these fun and engaging get-togethers, staff from Trinity Metro will teach you everything you need to know. Join us for an upcoming session near you.

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Planning a ride-along for your class or group? Fort Worth has many exciting places to explore, and we would be happy to help you plan the transportation and purchase of tickets.

Add to your adventure by riding scheduled Trinity Metro buses, trolleys and TRE trains. We can even teach your group how to ride in our Transit 101 program!

Simply decide when and where you want to take your class or group. Keep in mind this is not a special charter service. Your group will ride with other passengers. For more information, call  817-215-8600.

Park and Ride

Enjoy the benefits of public transportation by utilizing Trinity Metro’s park-and-ride locations. These convenient locations make it easy to choose public transit for your commute. Relax and enjoy the ride while saving money on gas without the added stress of driving and getting stuck in traffic.



Drive to one of the Trinity Metro bus, TEXRail or TRE rail parking lots across the city, park your car for free, and ride to your destination. TEXRail parking has a 20-hour limit to allow for long shifts and overnight shifts for commuters. Free parking is available at seven of the nine TEXRail stations – all locations except Fort Worth Central Station and DFW Airport Terminal B.

Park and Ride Locations

Bus Locations

Altamesa Church of Christ
4600 Altamesa
Route 66 Express


Edge Park Methodist Church
5616 Crowley Rd.
Route 66 Express


St. Bartholomew Catholic Church
3601 Altamesa
Route 66 Express


Western Hills Methodist Church
2820 Laredo
Route 61 Express


South Park and Ride
I-35 at Alsbury Exit
Route 65 Express


Ridgmar Mall
I-30 at Green Oaks
Routes 2, 26, 61


North Park and Ride
I-157 North Freeway
Route 63 Express


TRE Locations

T&P Station
221 W. Lancaster Ave.
(free park for TRE)


Fort Worth Central Station
1001 Jones Street
(no free parking)


Richland Hills Station
7225 Burns St.
(free park for TRE)


Bell Station
3232 Bell Spur Dr.
(free park for TRE)


CentrePort/DFW Airport Station
14470 Statler Blvd.
(free park for TRE)


Bike and Ride


Make your commute more enjoyable through a Rideshare program. Whether you choose a carpool or a vanpool, you will benefit by reducing congestion and saving time and money.

Your employer may also offer commuter benefits for using a Rideshare program. In most cases, the employer purchases a transit/vanpool pass or voucher from a local transit operator or voucher provider.

Track your contribution to our area’s alternative commute options by registering with the North Central Council of Governments (NCTCOG) TRY PARKING IT web page.

Try Parking It


A carpool is when two or more people share a ride in a car. Carpooling is simple, and can last as long as the participants desire. Carpools are based on sharing commute expenses. There are two basic types of carpool arrangements:

1. Poolers use one car owned by one driver. Drivers calculate their operating costs for the daily commute, then divides by the number of riders to determine how much each rider should contribute. The riders and driver agree to a periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) payment plan.

2. Poolers can rotate car use and driving so that each person’s vehicle and driving time are shared equally. No money is exchanged in this arrangement.

Many carpools begin quite informally between neighbors or coworkers.

Once commuters find someone whose schedules and locations are compatible, the next step is to meet the potential carpooler to discuss arrangements. Suggestion: Set a trial period of a week or so. Each individual carpooler can leave the pool during the trial period if they so desire. Once the carpool is set, courtesy dictates that participants who decide to leave give advance notice to their carpooling partners to minimize any inconvenience.

Other carpools are initiated with the help of employers and NCTCOG, who can match commuters based on work hours and geographic location.