Trinity Metro’s administrative offices closed Tuesday, January 5, 2021, due to the increasing numbers in Tarrant County pertaining to COVID-19.

Per the Texas Attorney General’s office, this closure qualifies as non-business days as we are operating with minimal onsite staffing.

All requests under the Freedom of Information Act will not be processed or responded to until Trinity Metro resumes full operation.

Trinity Metro continues to monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tarrant County and the State of Texas recommendations and requirements pertaining to COVID-19. We will keep you informed as things change regarding your request for records.





Financial Information

The Annual Budget for the fiscal year 2021 reflects the vision and strategic goals of Trinity Metro to provide effective multi-modal transportation that meets the wishes of our customers.

The Annual Budget was adopted by the Board of Directors on September 28, 2020 and includes the operating and capital budgets.

Total operating revenue (excluding capital grants) is budgeted at $119.1 million. Sales tax and operating grant revenues are Trinity Metro’s main sources of revenue representing approximately 53% and 36%, respectively, of the total operating revenue budget.

Operating expenses are budgeted at $125.8 million. Services are Trinity Metro’s largest expense category at $59.0 million which primarily consist of purchased transportation, including payments to third-party contractors. Third-party contractors operate Trinity Metro’s commuter rail services and certain grant funded programs. Additionally, Trinity Metro’s paratransit service called Trinity Metro ACCESS contracts approximately 65% of its trips.

Trinity Metro’s projected capital expenditures for fiscal 2021 are $72.8 million; and Trinity Metro’s share, from local funds, is expected to be $36.6 million. Our federal capital grant contributions are anticipated to be $36.2 million.

The Trinity Metro Board of Directors and staff are committed to achieving our established goals while operating within the approved annual budget.

FY2021 Budgeted Operating Revenue


Distinguised Budget Presentation Award

Title VI

Notice to Beneficiaries of Protection Under Title VI

This notice is provided in compliance with 49 CFR Section 21.9 (d).

Trinity Metro provides services and operates programs without regard to race, color, and national origin in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Non-Discrimination Notice

Notice to Beneficiaries of Protection Under Title VI & LEP Notice This notice is provided in compliance with 49 CFR Section 21.9 (d)

Non-discrimination Notice

Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA), also known as Trinity Metro,  provides services and operates programs without regard to race, color, and national origin in compliance with Title VI.

Request for Information

To request additional information about Trinity Metro’s non-discrimination obligations, send your written request to:

Trinity Metro
Attn: Detra Whitmore, Vice President of Customer Experience
801 Cherry Street, Suite 850
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Complaint Process


As a member of the general public, if you desire to file a discrimination complaint under Title VI, the following procedure should be followed:

The complaint should be filed with:

Detra Whitmore

Vice President of Customer Experience

801 Cherry Street, Suite 850

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Any person who believes he or she has been subjected to unlawful discrimination may directly file a complaint or use an authorized representative.

The complaint should at least include the following information:

Your name and address, and a telephone number where you may be reached during business hours;

A general description of the person(s) or class of persons injured by the alleged discriminatory act(s);

A description of the alleged discriminatory act(s) in sufficient detail to enable investigator(s) to understand what occurred, when it occurred, and the basis of the alleged discrimination complaint (race, color, or national origin);

The letter must be signed and dated by the person filing the complaint or by someone authorized to do so on his or her behalf.

ADA Policies and Procedures

Trinity Metro will provide reasonable modification to policies, practices, and procedures for customers with disabilities to ensure they can effectively use the agency’s transit services without discrimination on the basis of their disability.

Whenever feasible, individuals should make requests for modifications in advance of the date when the modified service is requested. The request should be specific as possible and include information on why the requested modification is needed in order to allow the individual to use the Trinity Metro’s services. Trinity Metro will make every effort to communicate determinations on modification requests in advance of when the service will be needed verbally or in writing.

Where a request for modification cannot be made and determined in advance, such as if a barrier or condition exists on fixed route or paratransit service where an individual with a disability is unaware, a determination will be made at that time.

Reasonable modification requests will be granted unless they would result in a direct threat to safety, would constitute a fundamental alteration in the service, or are not necessary for the individual to access the Trinity Metro’s services.

To request a modification/accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, or to obtain information about procedures to file a complaint, contact the Trinity Metro’s ADA Compliance Officer by postal mail, email or phone.


Trinity Metro Compliance Officer

Attn: ADA Compliance Officer
801 Cherry Street, Suite 850
Fort Worth, TX 76102