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Community Partners Program

What is the Community Partners Program?

The Community Partners program is designed for not-for-profit organizations to work with Trinity Metro to promote their resources and highlight the impacts both organizations make in the community.

Who may apply for this program?

Local not-for-profits, as defined by the IRS, in our service area currently meeting partner guidelines for Trinity Metro and Adsposure.

What benefits will partner organizations receive?

Each quarter Trinity Metro will commit to promoting the chosen agency’s resources through:​

  • Monthly social media posts​
  • Monthly features in the Make Your Move e-newsletter​
  • A write-up on the program landing page​
  • Opportunity to message Trinity Metro employees​
  • Advertising on three sides of the Trinity Metro and Adsposure Community Bus
  • Opportunity for Trinity Metro employees to support one requested volunteer event ​
  • Additional partner opportunities include the potential for the partner organization to host a Transit 101 and a ride along with Trinity Metro staff and join Trinity Metro’s EASYRIDE program

How long will partner organizations receive benefits?

Partner organizations will receive program benefits for one quarter with only one organization highlighted each quarter. Applications will be reviewed on an annual schedule and only four total partners will be selected each year. Selected organizations can only apply every two years.

The Community Partners Program is sponsored by AdsposureAdsposure logo. Trinity Metro advertising

Meet our current community partner


The Community Partners Program honors area not-for-profits that serve our community with excellence, collaboration, and partnerships to produce outstanding connections and enrich our community.  Please complete the section below for consideration.

  • Give a description of the not-for-profit organization and its target group.
  • Why are community partnerships and collaborations important for the community?
  • How does the organization serve the community?
  • How has your organization’s involvement impacted the surrounding community?
  • What outcomes would your organization like to achieve with the Community Partners Program?
Please attach most recent verification of non-profit status

Community Events and Sponsorships Participation Guidelines

Participation in community events and sponsorships are an extension of our marketing efforts at Trinity Metro. They increase our brand awareness and build ridership. We should represent Trinity Metro in a positive and professional way at all times. The goal of outreach is to bring awareness and education to the general public on the transportation services available in greater Tarrant County and promote ridership growth. When we participate in community events, we have opportunities to engage current and future riders, and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve.

As there are dozens of events we could engage in, we need to be strategic in selecting events that provide the most benefits and reflect the vision of Trinity Metro. Below are the criteria we will use when selecting events.*

1. Event Themes

Event themes should support our objectives and align with the services we provide.

  • Public Transportation
  • Expansion of Fort Worth (economic development, etc.)
  • Transportation Alternatives/Health and Wellness (such as biking, walking, etc.)
  • Community Empowerment (such neighborhood, community center, back-to-school events)
  • Children/youth safety (i.e., rail safety/Operation Lifesaver)

2. Size and Attendance

The size of the event or number of attendees does not have to be a major factor in decision making. However, the amount of effort needed should be proportionate to the size of the event if our services or public transit is not the central focus.

3. Proximity to Our Service Areas, or Potential Use of Public Transportation

  • We should focus our participation in areas nearest to current or future transit routes.
  • On-site events and sponsorship opportunities for events that are outside of our service area/not accessible by transit we should respectfully decline.
  • Proximity to our service areas is determined by the national standard of .5 miles distance to a bus stop, ZIPZONE or train station

4. Onsite Activities

  • We should place a preference for those events that allow us to actively participate in some way that helps us educate others (i.e., distribute informational materials, give a presentation, collect email addresses, etc.)
  • Events that limit our engagement to financial participation should be carefully considered.
  • Outreach team should consider having a game or interactive activity at large events to slow down consumption of promo items. The activity should incorporate education on public transportation.

5. Event Request Procedure

  • If a Trinity Metro employee, department or team wishes to participate in an event, an event request should be entered on the website: The community outreach manager from the Marketing department will review and approve or deny based on the event participation guidelines.
  • A 30-day notice to an event is preferred; however, accommodations can be made within 2 weeks depending on the request.
  • Each request will be reviewed by the outreach team, and the vice president of marketing and communications will be consulted as needed.
  • The outreach team will respond to community event requests within 3-5 business days with an update or answer on participation.
  • All requests will be filtered through the marketing and communications department and assigned to other internal teams to work as needed. Any organization interested in having Trinity Metro as an exhibitor or presenter at a community event should contact the community outreach representative for all inquiries and requests.
    • Generally, all event requests from for-profit organizations, such as businesses, schools, etc., will be carried out by the marketing and communications team. Requests from a non-profit organization, such as a church, charity organization, and retirement home, will be carried out by the ENVOY team. However, each request will be reviewed by the community outreach representative and assigned to other departments on a case-by-case basis.

6. Other Considerations

  • Did we sponsor the event? Typically, when we financially sponsor an event, we should be onsite as a participating vendor/exhibitor.
  • Paid sponsorship should align with a 2:1 ROI. For the cost invested by Trinity Metro, the value of sponsor benefits should be double. All sponsorship requestors should be able to place an estimated value on their sponsorship benefits.
  • No unlimited, free bus passes should be given at events.
    • We can inform organizations of our EASYRIDE Community Partner Program, where
      they can purchase bulk passes at a 25% discount. Occasionally we have grant
      funding available to purchase tickets for community groups and will consider
      requests that align with the grant guidelines.
  • Marketing and communication department's availability and bandwidth should also be
    considered when deciding on an event. If the department will not have the necessary staff or
    has a scheduling conflict with other events or priority work projects event, requests may be
    denied or coordinated with other departments.

*Exclusions to these guidelines include procurement specific events or DBE events, which should be handled directly by the Procurement department and recruitment/hiring events, which should be handled directly by the Human Resources department.


Advertisements on/in buses, bus benches, Trinity Railway Express (TRE) trains and stations, Trinity Metro TEXRail stations, bus park-and-ride and transfer facilities, and all other Trinity Metro property shall be of reputable character and conform to community standards of decency and acceptability, as determined by Trinity Metro’s policy. Advertisements shall follow these guidelines:

  • All commercial advertising must be truthful. False, deceptive or misleading commercial advertising is not permitted.
  • Advertising must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Advertising containing text and/or art that is legally obscene or sexually explicit is not permitted. Words and/or art that portrays violent acts or other graphic violence, including the depiction of bodies, body parts, and fetuses that are in states of mutilation, dismemberment, disfigurement, and/or decomposition is not permitted.
  • Advertisements advocating or proposing transactions that would constitute unlawful discrimination, or that would be illegal for any other reason, are not permitted.
  • Advertisements that are directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless or discriminatory action and that are likely to incite or produce such action are not permitted.
  • Advertisements containing profanity (or implied profanity), defamatory or inflammatory statements directed at any individual or group, including but not limited to statements referencing a race, color, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, or military discharge status, are not permitted.
  • Theist, anti-theist, faith-based, and/or religious and anti-religious messages, witchcraft, voodoo, cult, or other spiritual or anti-spiritual promotions, regardless of viewpoint, are not permitted.
  • Defamatory messages, hate speech and/or language that targets or berates individuals or specific groups are not permitted.
  • Illustrations or references that encourage persons to refrain from using safety precautions are not permitted.
  • Advertising for tobacco and/or alcoholic beverage products or products that promote smoking or drinking is not permitted. This also prohibits advertising CBD oil products and services.
  • Advertising supporting or opposing a political candidate, issue or cause is prohibited.
  • No implied or declared endorsement of any product or service by Trinity Metro is permitted.
  • Trinity Metro will not allow advertising that casts public transportation in a negative light, is otherwise contrary to Connect Transit's mission statement, or that might result in public criticism of transportation advertising.
  • Advertising promoting contests should ensure the contest is being conducted with fairness to all entrants and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Commercial advertising offering premiums or gifts must not misstate their value.
  • Advertisements promoting contests must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The contest sponsor must indemnify Trinity Metro from any claim or legal action involving any contest advertisement placed in the Trinity Metro system.

Trinity Metro shall be the sole judge of the suitability of all advertisements and products advertised. If Trinity Metro disapproves of an advertisement, the advertising contractor must remove it within 24 hours of written request from Trinity Metro. All advertising content shall be pre-approved by Trinity Metro. The advertising contractor shall honor and follow any future policies governing advertising content that the Board of Directors may adopt. Any existing advertisement conflicting with the newly adopted advertising policy by Trinity Metro’s Board of Directors shall be reviewed immediately and removed within 24 hours of written notice.

Trinity Metro reserves the right to resize or convert your attached artwork file to fit advertising space specifications.