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Fort Worth Central Station lighting project begins Oct. 25

Construction will begin next week for the Pedestrian Safety Enhancements Project at Fort Worth Central Station. Starting on Tuesday, Oct. 25, a contractor will install bidirectional LED flashing lights in the pavement of the pedestrian crossing to better draw attention to the tracks by Trinity Railway Express and Amtrak.

Lights will be placed in front of the crossing and on the sides of entrance points for pedestrians. Track 1 lighting will be set in the existing concrete. For Track 2, the contractor will remove the existing pavement, install lights and pour new concrete to secure the lighting. During the construction process, half of each side of the pedestrian crosswalk will be closed and then the other half will be closed after the first portion is completed.

In addition, Trinity Metro will install LED flashing-message monitor signs above existing station signs on Track 1 and Track 2 sides of the pedestrian crosswalk. An LED flashing sign on the pillar near the pedestrian crosswalk will also be installed.

Lights and signage will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Construction is expected to end on Friday, Nov. 25. TEXRail and bus routes will not be impacted by the work.