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Music Series in South Main Village
June 15 | Sept. 21 | Oct. 19

Lost ‘N Sound transforms businesses all throughout the village into one-day music venues hosting local musicians across genres and at different stages of their career. Community members are invited to enjoy the performances while exploring both traditional music venues and unexpected spaces like architecture offices, art galleries, retailers, recording studios, and film studios hosting stages. Ride Trinity Metro buses, TEXRail, TRE or ZIPZONE to reach the Near Southside festivities. And, on the event date, specially marked ZIPZONE vans will be shuttling eventgoers up and down S. Main Street to enjoy dozens of participating South Main Village venues with markets, food, music and more. 
If you ride Trinity Metro to Lost ‘N Sound and purchase your ticket via the GoPass mobile app, you may receive 50% off one local day pass, which entitles you to unlimited transfers for one day on buses, TEXRail, ZIPZONE, and TRE (within Tarrant County). Use the appropriate promo code below to receive your discount. This offer is only available in GoPass. Click below for details about how to download the app!
Get lost in South Main Village discovering new spaces and music.

Promo codes are:
Adult – LNS24A  |  Reduced* – LNS24R

* Reduced: Available (with valid ID) for seniors 65+, persons with disabilities, Medicare card holders, youth ages 5-19 and veterans with proof of status. No ticket needed for children ages 4 and under.