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Meet Donna Walker, TEXRail artist

(FORT WORTH, TX – Jan. 31, 2022) – Donna Walker is a professional artist who has been painting full-time for more than a decade. She exhibits her paintings through galleries in Fort Worth, Dallas, Boston and Atlanta. Her work is in many private collections across the country.

Walker’s artwork depicts the large, bright vistas of the rugged Texas landscape. Simple homesteads, native plants, rough hills and open skies showcase the natural beauty of our state. Her bright colors and impactful compositions contrast with the urban scenes of downtown Fort Worth around the train station and the bustle of people and schedules. Fort Worth is a busy city, but it is also on the edge of the countryside. Within a few miles, you are in the open range, with ranches, farms, and large, expansive vistas. It is a wonderful combination that makes this city a unique place. Her work invites the traveler to let their mind wander to what lies beyond the city.

As you move through the six images of the artwork, with their rich, saturated colors, the perspective changes, and there is a rhythm to the abstracted landscape, imagined homesteads and changing horizons. There is a different pace to life represented in Walker’s scenes, with a hint of nostalgia.

Donna’s art has a strong composition and a simple, straight forward design that creates an impact on a viewer, and perhaps an emotional connection. The images can be read quickly by a commuter or, if they have time, can be looked at more closely, with the panels’ small details, texture and connected themes. It is a gift, especially in today’s busy world, to take time to look, to slow down, to reflect and be transported to a new colorful space.

You can learn more about her work at