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FAQs: Advertising on Trinity Metro

Trinity Metro Blog: FAQ Advertising on Trinity Metro

Bus and bench advertising make an impact and make a difference. Transit advertising offers something more direct than a banner ad, social media boost, or local tv spot. Here are some frequent questions that we get about advertising on Trinity Metro.

Q: What are the benefits of bus advertising?

  • You can get in front of people next to their vehicle, commuters, and pedestrians that have to acknowledge and recognize each passing bus.
  • Buses travel across the market, so your advertisement can be seen through the entire service area. 
  • Ads can’t be blocked, skipped, or avoided like other media.
  • Visibility increases during peak commuter times, amplifying the impact even more.

Q: Which types of bus advertising do you offer?

A wide variety of bus advertising options are available, from a small placard on the side or back of the bus to a fully-wrapped bus.

Q: What about static street furniture? Can I advertise there?

  • Yes, bench ads are popular for restaurants, salons, spas, legal, services, real estate, gyms, and other location-based businesses.
  • Bench ads are an affordable option to build long-term awareness for a prolonged period of time.

Q: What do I get it I advertise with Trinity Metro?

Trinity Metro has partnered with Adsposure to provide effective advertising solutions. Adsposure provides design, printing, installation, and advertising consultation services.

Q: I want to advertise with Trinity Metro! Who should I contact?

Contact Adsposure at or call (682) 285-2200