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Rail Safety Tips

• The area around railroad tracks is private property. Standing on or near tracks is dangerous – and illegal.

• Trains can be at least three feet wider than the tracks. Anyone or anything in that area could be in harm’s way.

• Stay alert around railroad tracks. Some trains are very quiet and you won’t hear them coming. Using earbuds or texting can be a deadly distraction.

• Trains can come at any time on any track from any direction. It is never safe to walk on train tracks.

• Never assume a train can stop quickly. A freight train takes a mile to stop. That’s the same distance as 18 football fields.

• Trains move very quickly. The one way to stay safe is to never be on the tracks.

• Even if a train is stopped, it can move unexpectedly. It is never safe to be on or near a stopped train.

• If a car is on the tracks, a train cannot swerve to avoid it. If your car is stuck or stalled, get out of the car and move away from the tracks.

• Heed warning signs around railroad tracks. If you see a gate come down or red lights flashing, you need to stop. Even if you don’t see or hear a train, one is coming. Never try to “beat” a train.

• If you encounter a problem at a railroad crossing, look for the blue sign. It has an emergency phone number and a numerical code to identify the specific location.


For more safety tips, visit Operation Lifesaver’s website,