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Seeking customer feedback on passenger shelter prototypes

Trinity Metro is always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience, and among the most visible improvements planned are several new bus stop amenities. Sleek prototypes have been installed on Hemphill to share the experience with our riders and the community.

Because Trinity Metro always try to garner feedback, we are inviting the community to tell us whether the new amenities help their commute, and give them the chance to offer their opinions about the look of the stop and the comfort of the bench, among other topics. It’s easy to provide feedback. Scan the QR code at the new stops the next time you’re out riding Route 1. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and take the survey. To make it even easier for you to participate, here are the locations:

  • Bus stop 1231 at Hemphill and Allen
  • Bus stop 1224 at Hemphill and Vickery
  • Bus stop 2056 at Hemphill and Maddox
  • Bus stop 3578 at Hemphill and Allen

The new shelters also have bus-sign poles with solar lights at the top and larger waste bins.  These aesthetic improvements are great examples of how we can add safety and security enhancements for our customers.