Severe winter weather service changes

UPDATED 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19

Services changes for Feb. 20-22

Multiple Trinity Metro bus routes (see below) will be on modified schedules on Saturday, Feb. 20. Only the routes listed will be operating on Saturday.

On Sunday and Monday, bus service will resume normal operations.

Trinity Metro TEXRail will continue to operate an hourly schedule through Sunday, Feb. 21, and will return to a regular schedule on Monday, Feb. 22.

Trinity Railway Express (TRE) will resume regular schedules on Saturday, Feb. 20.

Trinity Metro ZIPZONE in operating on regular schedules in Alliance, Crowley, Mercantile and Near Southside.

Trinity Metro ACCESS paratransit services will operate for life-sustaining trips on Saturday, Feb. 20, and will resume regular operations on Sunday, Feb. 21.  

Customer Care representatives are available at 817.215.8600.



Bus Weather Detours for Saturday, Feb. 20

Route 1 – on regular schedule

Route 2 West

From Green Oaks Rd. – R- Plaza Parkway (make transfer behind Albertson)

Route 2 East

From Albertson’s R- Lands End, R-I30 Service Rd, L- Green Oaks, Regular Route

Route 3 (No Service to TCC South)

Inbound – From VA Clinic, R-Resource Dr, R-Circle Dr, R-Joe B Rushing, L-Campus, (skip CA Roberson/TCC), L-Riverside Dr, then regular route to Pine Street, (skip IM Terrell/13th/Stephenson), L- Lancaster, R-Jones

Outbound – From Calhoun, (skip 17th St/Stephenson/IM Terrell), L-Lancaster, Right – Pine, regular route to VA Clinic

Route 4

Regular Route (Use caution on Stalcup)

          Alt Route –Outbound R-Andrew, L-Elgin, R-Stalcup Reg. Route

          Alt Route –Inbound L-Elgin, R-Andrew, L- Rosedale Reg. Route

Route 5

Outbound 5b – From JPS, Right – Allen, R-Hemphill, R-Rosedale, Right – Evans, Left – Berry, regular route to Campus Dr, (skip Joe B

Rushing/CA Roberson/TCC), Right- Oak Grove, follow Inbound 5a

Inbound 5b – From Evans Ave (skip Allen RR bridge), Left-Rosedale, Left-Hemphill, Left-Allen, Left-S Main, then regular route

Outbound 5a – From JPS(skip Allen RR bridge), Right – Allen, R-Hemphill, R-Rosedale, Right – Evans, then regular route to James Ave, Left – Felix (skip Southcrest/Townsend), then regular route to Campus (skip Joe B Rushing/CA Roberson/TCC), continue straight on Campus, follow Inbound 5b

Inbound 5a – From Oak Grove, Left- I-20 Westbound Service Rd to I-35 Northbound Service Rd, Left-Felix (skip Southcrest/Townsend), Right-James Ave, regular route to Evans Ave, Left-Rosedale, Left-Hemphill, Left-Allen, Left-S Main then regular route to Fort Worth Central Station.

Route 6/32

(No Service to Harris Hosp Loop., Vega Loop does not run on Saturday)

Southbound 32/Inbound 6 – From Camp Bowie, Right-Bryant Irvin (skip Littlepage/Manhattan), Left-Southwest Blvd Service Rd (skip southern portion of Bryant Irvin/John Ryan Dr), Right- Chisholm Trail Service Rd past I-20, enter Chisholm Trail, exit Oakmont, Left- Oakmont, then regular route to CENTRAL STATION

Outbound 6/Northbound 32 – From McCart (skip Westcreek/Southpark), Right-Sycamore School Rd, then regular route to Oakmont (skip John Ryan Dr/southern portion of Bryant Irvin), Right – Chisholm Trail Pkwy, Exit Overton Ridge Blvd, stay on Service Road past I-20, Left – Southwest Blvd Service Rd, Right-Bryant Irvin (skip Littlepage/Manhattan), Left-Milburn, regular route to Camp Bowie.

Route 7

Outbound – regular route to Blue Bonnet Circle (skip Biddison/Stadium/South Hills/ParkRidge, do not go into neighborhood), U-turn at

Blue Bonnet Circle

Inbound – From Blue Bonnet Circle follow regular route inbound.

Route 9

Inbound   – From Northbound Loop 820 Service Rd. Continue Past Ramey on I820 Service Rd. R-Vel, R- Carruthers, R- Ramey, then regular route.

Inbound – regular route

Route 10

Outbound – From Belknap, Left-Henderson (skip Summit), Right- W 7th, then regular route.

Inbound – Regular Route from Sondra to W 7th, Left-Henderson (skip Summit), R-Weatherford, then regular route.

Route 12

Oubound from Deen Rd., Right on Long Ave, Left on Sylvania, Right on Meacham Blvd, Then continue regular route.

Inbound from Meacham Blvd, Left on Sylvania, Right on Long Ave, Left on Deen Rd, then regular route.

Route 14

Outbound – Regular route from to NW 28th Street, Right-Decatur (skip RR Bridge on 28th), Left-Long Ave, Left-N Main St, Right-NW 28th, then regular route to the North Transfer Center

Inbound – From the Stockyards Transfer Center, Right -NW 26th, Left – Main (skip RR bridge on 28th St), R-Long Ave, R- Decatur, then regular route to the Central Station.

Route 15

Outbound – Regular route from Stockyards Transfer Center, from N. Main, Right – NE 32nd St., Left – Calhoun, Left – Long Ave, Regular Route

Inbound – Regular Route.

Route 15 (If Main Street Bridge closed by police)

Inbound – From N Main, Right –   Northside Dr. to University, (If 7th Street Open) Left –7th , Right –   Houston then regular route. (if 7th street closed by police) Left- Lancaster,

Left- Jones, then regular route to Central Station.

Outbound – From, Throckmorton, Left on 7th,(7th street open) Right- University to North Side Dr., Left- N Main then regular route. (If

7th street closed by police) Left – Henderson, Right –   Lancaster, Right-University to North Side Dr, Left- N Main then Regular Route.

Route 20 (No Service to Boca Raton area.)

Northbound -From Handley Dr, Left – McClellan Ct (layover as necessary on McClellan), R- Brentwood Stair, R-Handley

Southbound – Regular route

Route 21

Outbound – From Northbound Oakland, Veer Right – Ederville Rd (skip steep portions Brentwood Stair), Right – Brentwood Stair, L-

Woodhaven, R-Bridge St, L-Country Club, R-Boca Raton, L-High Woods Trl, R- Randol Mill, R-Loop 820 Svc Rd, L-John T White, R- Eastchase,

Inbound – From Eastchase, R-Anderson (skip Meadowbrook/Randol Mill), R- John T White Rd North, L-John T White, R-Loop 820 Svc Rd, L-Randol Mill, L-High Woods Trl, R- Boca Raton, L- Country Club, R-Bridge St, L-Woodhaven (skip steep portion of Bridge Street), R-Brentwood Stair, L-Ederville Rd, L-Oakland, R-Lancaster to the ETC.

Route 22

Outbound – Regular route (do not loop twice, instead layover by Walmart as necessary)

Inbound – From Eastchase, Right-Ederville Rd (skip steep portion of Brentwood Stair), then regular route from Cooks Lane

Route 24

Eastbound – From E Berry Street, Veer Right at E Berry Street South, L- Mitchell Blvd , R-Renaissance Dr

Westbound – From E Berry Street, Left – Mitchell Blvd, R-E Berry Street South, L- Berry Street

Route 25 – Regular route

Route 26 (All buses do the same, no clockwise or counterclockwise loops during icy weather)

Outbound – Begin eastbound on Plaza Parkway behind Albertsons, R- Lands End, R-I30 Service Rd., L- Green Oaks Rd (skip Calmont), R-Camp Bowie (skip Renzel/Chapin/Cimarron), R-Las Vegas Trl (skip Normandale), R – I-30 Service Rd, R – Laredo, R-Calmont, Inbound – From Calmont/LasVegas, Left- Las Vegas (skip Normandale), Left-Hwy 80 (skip Renzel/Chapin/Cimarron), Left-Lackland Rd (skip Altamere), R-Plaza Parkway (skip Ridgmar Mall, make transfers behind Albertsons)

Route 27 (No service to Littlepage)

Southbound – From Albertsons R- Lands End, R-I30 Service Rd, L- Green Oaks, L-Calmont, R-Bryant Irvin, then regular route to Horne, L-Wellesley (skip Houghton), R-Prevost, R-Vickery, R-Chariot, (skip Bryant Irvin/Manhattan/Littlepage), R-Horne continue northbound

Northbound – Regular route to Bryant Irvin, L-Camp Bowie, R-Ridglea Ave, L-I-30 Service Rd, R-Green Oaks, R-Plaza Pkwy (skip Ridgmar Mall, make transfers behind Albertson’s).

Route 32 – See Route 6

Route 44 No Service To TCC Northwest College

Northbound from Azle Ave, Left on Titus, Left on NW26th, Left on McCandless St. Right on Azle then regular route.

Southbound from Circle Park St. Left on Central Ave, Left on N Main regular Route.

Southbound from N Main Left on Central, Right on Circle Park St then regular route

Route 45  No Service To TCC Northwest College

Northbound from Angle make U-Turn at Circle (Old Decatur/Angle) heading Southbound on Angle then regular route.

Route 46

Outbound – From Jacksboro Hwy (skip Old Mill Creek/Shady Oaks Manor/Quebec), Left – Northwest Centre Dr, Left-SH-199/Loop 820

Access Rd (in front of Lowes), Left-Boat Club Rd, Right-Jacksboro Hwy to the Shell station

Inbound – From the Shell station on Jacksboro Hwy headed toward downtown, follow regular route.

Route 71 No Service to TCC South Campus

Outbound – Regular Route

Inbound – From- Forrest Hill , Right Forrest Hill Cr. Right Wichita, Left –

820 Service Rd, Right CA Robinson, Right Joe B Rushing, then regular route

Route 72

Outbound – From Hemphill, Right – Felix (skip Hemphill Bridge), Left-

James Ave, Veer Right onto Crowley Rd, Left – Edgecliff Rd, Right –

Hemphill, then regular route

Inbound – From Altamesa, Left – Hemphill, Left – Edgecliff Rd (skip bridge on Hemphill), Right- Crowley Rd, Continue straight on James Ave, Right- Felix, Left- Hemphill, then regular route

Route 89 – on regular schedule

Route  90 – From Long Ave (Westbound) Left on N Main, Right on 28th to Ephriham, Left on Jacksboro Hwy., Right on Ohio Garden, Right on Quail Tr., Right on Shenna Blvd., Right on River Oaks, Continue East to Emphriham, Left on N Main, Right on Long, then continue on regular route

Route  91 – From Altamere (183) Right in first turn past Starbuckes, Right on Hawks Creek Cir, Right – Hawks Creek Dr. Left –

Altamere, then Regular Route.

Route DASH – on regular schedule

(If Montgomery is blocked at Camp Bowie due to ice – Right – Camp Bowie, regular route)