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This series of paintings is meant to celebrate the different aspects of Fort Worth, from its western roots of the stockyards to the tranquility of the botanical gardens. Artist John Bramblitt also wanted to leave the commuter with a sense of lightheartedness and a smile, drawing inspiration from the zoo, reminding viewers to stop and enjoy the small things. John hoped to capture the charm and individuality that makes Fort Worth a great city.

John Bramblitt is a DFW-based artist, speaker, and author. After losing his sight in 2001, John was desperate to reconnect with the visual world. Drawing and illustration were always a big part of his life growing up, but he didn’t explore painting until after going blind. He developed methods using the texture of the paint to feel his way across a canvas letting his fingers do the work his eyes used to do. Since then, his paintings have been sold all over the world, and he became the world’s first blind muralist. His award-winning art workshops have allowed Bramblitt to teach at museums all over the country. He was named a cultural ambassador to the US – a role that allows him to share his art and story with the world.