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Trinity Metro 2020: HERE. CLEAR. READY.

About the redesign

Trinity Metro is redesigning its bus network to improve the customer experience and to make the network more useful for more people. Over the last two decades, the Fort Worth region experienced double-digit growth and there have been many changes in the population, population density, economic activity and the travel patterns of the people.

To meet the challenges of bus ridership in a growing region, Trinity Metro is focusing on the service. The effort has been dubbed Trinity Metro 2020 and the tagline is HERE. CLEAR. READY.

Feedback from riders is an essential part of the process, and they identified several issues:

  • Not enough frequent service.
  • Routes don’t run late enough or early enough.
  • Not enough service on the weekends.
  • Trips are sometimes indirect and slow.
  • Connections can be unreliable.
  • The system can be hard to understand.

Overview of objectives

Improving a transit system requires looking at the full network – not just individual routes – and examining how routes work together.

In looking at a redesign, Trinity Metro will focus on customers’ needs and conduct an in-depth survey of riders and their travel habits. The agency will review the existing network and consider the current population, employment sites and activity patterns in the service area. This will be followed with setting budget goals and proposed improvements. The next step will be developing three options for a set of routes and frequencies.

Transit Moves Fort Worth is a long-term planning exercise that could lead to capital improvements in five or 10 years. Trinity Metro 2020 is about changing the system now. We want to implement new routes within two years. HERE. CLEAR. READY.

Upcoming and Previous Events

TBDAnalyze the current system
TBDSpring 2020: series of public meeting to talk about goals
TBDBased on discussions, develop a series of alternative networks
TBDSummer 2020: gather public input on those alternatives
TBDDevelop a draft plan, with details on routes
TBDFall 2020: solicit public input on the plan
TBDBy end of 2020: Trinity Metro Board will adopt the final plan
TBD2021: start to implement the new network