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We Got You. Delivering You Safely.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinity Metro’s focus has been on passenger and employee safety. From enhanced cleaning procedures to implementing a face-mask policy, everything is designed to help reduce the spread of the virus.

During unprecedented times like this, traditional advertising plans go out the window. Transit agencies need to be nimble and adapt to the every-changing circumstances. Trinity Metro’s newest campaign, “We Got You. Delivering You Safely,” was borne from the need to align messaging that would correspond to today’s circumstances.

Trinity Metro conducted video and photo shoots to develop creative assets for advertising in the age of coronavirus. With a system-wide approach to include The Dash, ZIPZONE, buses and commuter rail lines, the agency produced creative and engaging options for communicating important safety protocols. Whether it’s social distancing or wearing masks, all topics are spotlighted to show extra efforts and to put riders at ease with returning to public transportation.

The advertising schedule includes cable television, Hulu, digital advertising, print publications, YouTube video, social media, email, and audio streaming on Pandora and Spotify.