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Winter weather service impacts for Thursday, Feb. 2

Winter Weather Update at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023 

As the recent winter weather persists, Trinity Metro is committed to the safety of our customers and employees. Service continues to be impacted by the current cold temperatures and icy roads and surfaces.  

Because of the ongoing inclement weather, Trinity Metro will begin operations for bus and ZIPZONE at 10 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 2. The plan is to resume regular service; however, if challenging road conditions persist, service modifications will be implemented.

TEXRail, Trinity Railway Express and ACCESS paratransit will continue operating on their regular schedules.

Throughout the winter weather event, Trinity Metro has remained committed to the safety of our customers and employees. We continue to ask that everyone uses caution while traveling. Roadways, sidewalks and level surfaces such as train platforms, while treated can still be slippery.

For questions about specific routes, call customer care at 817-215-8600. To receive rider alerts about any impacts to your bus or train route, sign up online. For the latest on local weather, check the National Weather Service website.



To the extent possible, operations will try to follow regular routes.  It is not unusual for some portion of the service area to experience icy conditions while another portion is clear.  Operations supervisors will survey the situation and determine if it is safe to use regular routing.  However, there are many segments of routes that may be considered too hazardous to traverse in icy conditions and staff have proactively worked out detours to avoid them. Most hazards involve steep slopes and bridges, however, other hazards may include areas that remain shaded thus slowing the ice melt, narrow residential streets with on-street parking, or even shallow slopes with stops where there is insufficient traction to overcome both gravity and inertia.  Detours are described below.

Weather detours (Routes not listed below will run regular route.)

Route 1 (Passenger wanting to board Route 1 between Biddison and Allen should make plans to use bus stop at Allen and Hemphill)

  • Outbound – From Hemphill – L- Allen, R-Main, R-Biddison, L- Hemphill, Regular Route
  • Inbound – From Hemphill – Right Biddison, L- Main, L- Allen, R- Hemphill, Regular Route

Route 2

  • Outbound – From Calmont Ave. – L- Cherry St.,  L – Hwy 80,  (Layover on Hwy 80 in front of Fiesta)
  • Inbound – From Fiesta, Cont. East to Regular Route (If Lancaster Bridge Closed by Police)
  • Outbound – From 7th StreetLeft – Henderson, Right – Lancaster, Right-University, Left- Camp Bowie Regular Route
  • Inbound – From Camp Bowie, Right – University, Left-Lancaster, and Left- Jones, then to Central Station

Route 4  (Regular Route – Use caution on Stalcup)

  • Eastbound – R-Andrew, L-Elgin, R-Stalcup Reg. Route
  • Westbound L-Elgin, R-Andrew, L- Rosedale Reg. Route

Route 12

  • Outbound – from Deen Rd., Right on Long Ave, Left on Sylvania, Right on Meacham Blvd, Then continue regular route.
  • Outbound – From N Main St., Cont’ -N Main St (skip RR Bridge on 28th St), R-Long Ave, R-Decatur, to TEXRail Station
  • Inbound – from Meacham Blvd, Left on Sylvania, Right on Long Ave, Left on Deen Rd, then regular route.
  • Inbound – From TEXRail Station, Left -Decatur (skip RR Bridge on 28th), Left-Long Ave, Left-N Main St, and then regular route

Route 15

  • Inbound – From N Main St., Cont’ -N Main St (skip RR Bridge on 28th St), R-Long Ave, R-Decatur, to TEXRail Station
  • Outbound – From TEXRail Station, Left -Decatur (skip RR Bridge on 28th), Left-Long Ave, Left-N Main St, and then regular route

(ONLY If Main Street NEW bridge closed by police; otherwise, regular route)

  • Inbound – From N Main, Right – Northside Dr. to University, (If 7th Street Open) Left – 7th, Right – Houston then regular route. (If 7th street closed by police) Left- Lancaster, Left- Jones, and then regular route to Central Station.
  • Outbound – From, Throckmorton, Left on 7th, (7th street open) Right- University to North Side Dr., Left- N Main then regular route. (If 7th street closed by police) Left – Henderson, Right – Lancaster, Right-University to North Side Dr., Left- N Main then Regular Route.

Route 21

  • Please note that if it is determined that Boca Raton and John T White are dangerous for travel, then Route 21 could be terminated for that day. Note: Route 22 will ONLY be in operation if the Route 21 is terminated.

Route 24

  • Eastbound – From E Berry Street, Veer Right at E Berry Street South, L-Mitchell, R-Renaissance Dr.
  • Westbound – From E Berry Street, Left – Mitchell, R-E Berry Street South, L-E Berry Street

Route 45 (No service to TCC Northwest Campus)

  • To Angle – from N Main, Left on NW 26th, Right on Clinton, Left on Cliff to Angle Ave, make U-Turn in the roundabout at Angle Avenue and Old Decatur Road, heading back southbound on Angle Ave
  • From Angle – South on Angle Ave to Cliff, Right on Clinton, Left on   NW 26th, Right on N Main Regular route to NW 25th

Route 46

  • Outbound – From Jacksboro Hwy (skip Old Mill Creek/Shady Oaks Manor/Quebec), Left – Northwest Centre Dr, Left-SH-199/Loop 820 Access Rd (in front of Lowes), Left-Boat Club Rd, Right-Jacksboro Hwy to the Shell station
  • Inbound – From the Shell station on Jacksboro Hwy headed toward downtown follow regular route.

Route 51 (No Stop at Ridgemar Mall)

  • Northbound – From Stop behind Albertons, R- Ridgemar Blvd, Left –Calmont,
  • R – Bryant Irvin, Regular route to Horn, Continue to Vickery Blvd (No JPS Stop)
  • R-Vickery, L– Bryant Irvin, Left-Southwest Blvd Service Rd (skip southern portion of Bryant Irvin), Right- Chisholm Trail Service Rd past I-20, enter Chisholm Trail, exit Oakmont, Left-Hulen, then regular route
  • Southbound – From Oakmont, Right on Chisholm Trail Pkwy, stay on Service Road past I-20, Left – Southwest Blvd Service Rd, Right-Bryant Irvin (skip Littlepage/Manhattan), Right on Vickery, Left on Horn, Left on Flethcher, Right on Bryant Irvin, Left on Camp Bowie, Right on Ridglea Ave., Left on Plaza Pkwy., Left – Lands End Blvd, Right – I30 service Rd., Right – Green Oaks Rd., Right on Plaza Pkwy. (Layover behind Albertsons)

Route 53  

  • Northbound – From White Settlement Rd  ( Continue west on White Settlement past Isabell)  Right – Roberts Cut Off Rd., Right – River Oaks Blvd, Regular Route
  • Southbound –Regular Route

Route 54 (Will not serve TCC South unless a 10am delay)

  • Southbound – From Campus Dr., Right on Raymond Barber Dr. (Resource Connection)
  • Northbound – Resource Connection, Left on Campus Dr. Regular Route North

Route 55

  • Southbound – from Bridgewood Dr., Left – Randol Mill Rd., Right – Loop 820 Service Rd, Left – Brentwood Stir Rd., Right – Handley, Regular Route
  • Northbound – from Handley, Left – Brentwood Stair Rd., Right E Loop 820 N service Rd., Left – Randol Mill Rd., Right – Bridgewood Dr.

Route 55 – Rosedale/Stalcup Area

  • Outbound – From Rosedale, Left – Andrew, Left – Willie, Right Stalcup, Regular route
  • Inbound – From Stalcup, Left – Willie, Right – Andrew,  Right – Rosedale, Regular Route

Route 72

  • Outbound – From Hemphill, Right – Felix to Fuller (skip Hemphill Bridge), Left- James Ave, Veer Right onto Crowley Rd, Left – Edgecliff Rd, Right – Hemphill, then regular route
  • Inbound – From Altamesa, Left – Hemphill, Left – Edgecliff Rd (skip bridge on Hemphill), Right- Crowley Rd, Continue straight on James Ave, Right- Fuller to Felix, Left- Hemphill, then regular route

Route 91 (Serving part of Normandale Loop – does not go into Ridgmar Mall)

  • Southbound – Alta Mere Dr. Cont’ South on Alta Mere, Right – Calmont,
  • Left – Alta Mere, Right – Camp Bowie, Right – W. Normandale, Right – N. Normandale,
  • Left – La Palma, (Detour) Left – Las Vegas Trail, Right – I30 Service Rd, Right – Loredo Right – Calmont, Left – La Palma
  • Northbound – From La Palma, (Detour), Right – N. Normandale, Left- W. Normandale, Left – Camp Bowie (Hwy 80),  Left – Camp Bowie, Left – Alta Mere, Continue North – Alta Mere to River Oaks.