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August 2020 On Time Performance
Trinity Metro Metronomics. August 2020 Ridership.

Trinity Metro introduces safety app and Text-a-Tip

See Say Now Mobile AppAs an added layer of security and safety, Trinity Metro has rolled out a new mobile app that gives customers the opportunity to report security concerns and safety hazards. The “See Say Now” mobile app encourages riders to report any potential issues, such as an unattended bag or suspicious activity.

See something? Say something! The app allows customers to submit a photo and a description of the issue when they see it. They select from a list of report options and locations, and customers may choose to submit a report anonymously.

The “See Say Now” app is a timely and efficient option for alleviating concerns by giving customers a chance to share what they see. This safety enhancement gives riders an easy way to share any potential issues with Trinity Metro, and the comments go directly to dispatch.


How to use the “See Say Now” app

  • Download from Apple store or Download from Google Play store
  • From the Select Organization menu, choose Transit, then select Trinity Metro from the list.
  • Click on Report a Problem.
  • Add a photo, type in details, select a report type and location, and click the button if you prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Click on Send Report.

Other reporting options

Looking for a texting option? The Text-a-Tip number (817-409-8686) is a quick and easy way to submit your concerns. If you prefer to fill out an online form, go to Trinity Metro’s safety page.

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from previous year: 46% ⯆

ACCESS Bus Illustration


from previous year: 49% ⯆

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from previous year: 59% ⯆

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TRE Illustration


from previous year: 63% ⯆

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from previous year: 58% ⯆

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Other services include Grapevine Visitors Shuttle, NETS and TCTS.


from previous year: 55% ⯆

*Service started in 2019

**Alliance ridership 294, 13% ▼ from previous year.
Mercantile ridership 442, 112% ▲ from previous year.
Crowley ridership 51. Service started in June 2020.
Near Southside ridership 377. Service started in July 2020.


Trinity Metro Metronomics COVID-19 Service Highlights
  • Provided 11,219 trips to Medical District on bus service
  • Provided 8,501 medical and grocery trips on ACCESS paratransit service
  • Provided 6,680 dialysis trips on ACCESS paratransit service
  • Provided 1,220 work trips on ZIPZONES
  • Completed 377 trips on Near Southside ZIPZONE