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Bus Fun Facts

buses leaving Fort Worth Central Station

Did you know?

  • Trinity Metro has 47 regular bus routes with more than 2,000 bus stops.
  • All of the standard buses used compressed natural gas (CNG), which is on top of the bus.
  • The length ranges from 30-foot trolleys to 40-foot buses to 60-foot articulated.
  • The Dash is an electric bus route that travels between Fort Worth, Crockett Row, the Cultural District and Dickies Arena.
  • Buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps that can be lowered to assist passengers.
  • Like bicycling? Bus bike racks make it convenient for riders to take bikes to their destination.
  • Buses “kneel” by lowering the entrance to make it easier to get on board.
  • Trinity Metro offers paratransit services with ACCESS vans.