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TEXRail and Trinity Railway Express (TRE) not operating due to network outage

Trinity Metro TEXRail and Trinity Railway Express (TRE) are currently being impacted by a network outage resulting from a fiber cable cut near a data center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Early this morning, rail operations teams were notified of a network outage impacting dispatch systems for both railways, causing a loss in communications between our operating center and the vehicles. Without this critical system in place, both commuter railroads have suspended service. Operations management is working diligently to resolve the issue and determine a timeline in which trains can safely resume service.

“Trinity Metro prides ourselves on the safety and reliability of both TEXRail and TRE services. TEXRail in particular has successfully operated above 95% on-time performance since the service began in January 2019”, said Trinity Metro President and CEO, Richard W. Andreski. “While reliability is a driving force of our success we are also committed to providing a safe operation for our staff and customers. Without this vital communications lifeline, safe rail operation is not possible at this time. We are investing all efforts into quickly resolving the issue and finding solutions that will make it possible to resume services in a manner that will adhere to our commitments to both safety and reliability.”

Limited service is being provided by fixed-route bus and Trinity Metro ENVOY staff are on-site to assist customers. Customers impacted should call Trinity Metro Customer Care phone lines at 817-215-8600. Staff is on-hand to provide up to date information and arrange transportation as needed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide updates as they are available.