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August 2020 On Time Performance
August 2020 Ridership. Trinity Metro Metronomics.

Trinity Metro needs your help to redesign its bus network

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Trinity Metro is designing a modern, transformative bus network to improve public transportation in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. The system redesign, known as A Better Connection, is intended to make substantial improvements by reviewing the entire network and focusing on five key topics that include system priorities, waiting vs. walking, and preferences on downtown vs. other destinations.

Between now and Aug. 31, you can take an online survey to share what you think is the most important for the future of public transportation. Trinity Metro will gather customer feedback, which will directly impact priorities and system changes.

To help frame the discussion, the agency has developed five key areas: System PrioritiesWaiting or Walking?How Can We Serve You at a Local Level?Downtown or Other Destination and Peak or Off-Peak. Trinity Metro wants to hear what you think are the best options.

How to participate

  • Go online to read more about A Better Connection and click on the “Learn more and take the survey” button.
  • Talk with an ENVOY team member who will be conducting surveys on board vehicles.
  • Visit Fort Worth Central Station to fill out a comment card and drop it in the designated box.


  • January-July 2020: Analyze and document Trinity Metro’s current transit network
  • July-September 2020: Define goals
  • September-November 2020: Develop system alternatives
  • November 2020-February 2021: Draft plan
  • March 2021: Final plan
  • Fall 2021: Implement route changes
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from previous year: 43% ⯆

ACCESS Bus Illustration


from previous year: 48% ⯆

TEXRail Illustration


from previous year: 64% ⯆

ZipZone Illustration


The Dash Illustration


TRE Illustration


from previous year: 69% ⯆

TRE Link Illustration


Vanpool Illustration


from previous year: 55% ⯆

Trinity Metronomics Other Services Icon

Other services include Grapevine Visitors Shuttle, NETS and TCTS.


from previous year: 56% ⯆

*Service started in 2019

**Alliance ridership 354, 4.6% ▼ from previous year.
Mercantile ridership 348. 241% ▲ from previous year.
Crowley ridership 61. Service started in June 2020.
Near Southside ridership 142. Service started in July 2020.


Trinity Metro Metronomics COVID-19 Service Highlights
  • Provided 11,277 trips to Medical District on fixed route service
  • Provided 8,081 medical and grocery trips on ACCESS paratransit service
  • Provided 6,829 dialysis trips on ACCESS paratransit service
  • Provided 891 work trips on ZIPZONEs
  • Completed 142 trips on Near Southside ZIPZONE that started service on July 19