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Service changes coming Sept. 18

Throughout the year, we evaluate our bus routes and look for ways to improve efficiencies and enhance service. We take customer feedback into account and continually look for ways to improve. In keeping with that philosophy to strive for excellence, we are implementing a handful of changes in September.

  • Route 5 Evans Ave/TCC South – Trinity Metro received requests from customers about direct service from downtown to VA Clinic. The route will be extended south of Sierra Vista Transfer Center to go to TCC South campus and VA Clinic on Loop 820 Service Road. Extending Route 5 from Sierra Vista gives better access to customers coming from downtown and going to TCC South or VA Clinic.
  • Route 6 8th Avenue/McCart – Route 6 will be interlined with Route 52 for better efficiency.
  • Route 33 Felix/Oak Grove – The operators on Route 33 found it hard to keep the bus on schedule. To improve on-time performance, the schedule on Route 33 will be adjusted by eliminating the loop on 820 Service Road from all the trips originating from Resource Connection and going westbound to James and Yates. The times at all the timepoints will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Route 52 Hulen – Route 52 will be interlined with Route 6 for better efficiency.
  • Route 53 University – To accommodate the new Permanent Supportive Housing on Quail Trail, and make it accessible for the ADA passengers, Route 53 will traverse along Quail Trail instead of Shenna Blvd.
  • Route 54 Riverside/Sierra Vista – Customers requested  direct service from downtown to VA Clinic. Route 54 modification to end at Sierra Vista gives better access to customers going to VA Clinic by Route 5 and prevent  it from being duplicated.
  • Route 67 TCC Southeast Campus will be replaced with an on-demand rideshare service. Southeast ZIPZONE will serve TCC Southeast in addition to its current destinations that include TCC South, Tarrant County Resource Connection and Fort Worth VA Clinic.
  • Route 91 Normandale/North Side Station – The time on eastbound Route 91 timepoints will be adjusted to meet with Route 2 at Calmont and Green Oaks. This time adjustment will help people transfer from Route 91 to Route 2 and vice versa.